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Adult Services

Helping you find personal success and happiness.

200_couple.jpgToday, adults face more challenges than ever and Northern Star Counseling LLC is here to help you manage it all.

Our staff has experience in working with individuals, couples and families to help you develop the tools you need to be successful in your relationships and in your day to day life.  We have experience in working with a wide variety of individuals and families to help them find the success that they deserve.  And, because we have both male and female staff members, we are able to help you find a therapist that you are most comfortable with.  

Everyone needs a support at times to manage the demands that are unique to adulthood. Depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, erratic moods, grief, trauma and difficult life transitions can present hurdles in daily life. Parenting whether with or without a partner can be the most rewarding and trying experience; we provide an objective perspective to support you in finding the most effective techniques to bring the best behavior in your child . It is unbelievable what we can achieve together!

If you feel like you just can't quite get it right;

If you are struggling at work or in your family life;

If you are having trouble just being happy;

Don't delay, start down the road towards success, wellness, and happiness today.  Call Northern Star Counseling and we can support you in making the positive changes you need to be happy, healthy, and successful today!