Northern Star Counseling, LLC

Payment Information

iStock_000016453781_Small.jpgMedicaid and KidCare CHIP

Northern Star Counseling accepts Medicaid and KidCare CHIP insurance. Medicaid may extend coverage to families of a parent or child with active Medicaid coverage. Please call today to explore eligibility!

Private Insurances

Northern Star Counseling is an in-network provider with many private insurance panels such insurances include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, WinHealth, Cigna, Value Options, Great West, Aetna, and Magellan. Additional insurance panels are added often and can be explored at the client's request. If you do not see your private insurance company listed please call us and we can assist in determining eligibility. Deductibles, co-insurances and co-pays may apply and often vary per plan. 

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Northern Star Counseling is a part of numerous Employee Assistance Programs. Many local Cheyenne companies value the mental health of their employees and offer counseling sessions as an included part of the employee's benefit package. Examples of companies that offer EAP services include the University of Wyoming, City of Cheyenne, Union Pacific, Veteran's Administration, etc. If interested about EAP services offered by your employer please contact your Human Resources Department to authorize services.

State of Wyoming

Although the State of Wyoming does not currently offer EAP services, Northern Star Counseling does accept Cigna insurance as offered to State employees. 

Department of Family Services Contracts

Northern Star Counseling may be contracted for services by your Department of Family Services or State of Wyoming case manager or social worker. 

Private Pay

Northern Star Counseling accepts private pay from clients who prefer not to have their insurance billed or do not currently have insurance coverage.