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You May Feel Alone, But You Are Not Alone!

Being a new mom was supposed to be a wonderful, magical time. In reality, it can be much lonelier than any of us expected. We're isolated with an infant that requires our constant attention. We're sleep deprived. We don't get to do the fun things that used to make us happy because there's no time. Some of us suffer from postpartum depression. Some just suffer from the shock of all the changes.

Know that many people struggle during this time and we are here with support groups and counseling to help you enjoy this amazing phase of life. Sometimes just knowing you are not alone in your struggle is enough. At our support groups you can meet other women going through the challenges and joys of motherhood. Bring your baby and come in your pajamas! 


Maternity and Prenatal Mental Health

Did you know that how you feel will affect your baby? A mother’s self care and mood regulation are especially important while a mother is pregnant because her body creates the regulating system as the baby’s brain develops. The changes you are going through are likely surrounded by an assortment of feelings such as happiness, anxiety, depression, grief for the loss of the old way of life, possible triggers of old unresolved trauma, etc.

Powerful associations are being created in your baby’s brain during pregnancy; the more consistent, predictable environment your baby experiences while in utero the most favorable conditions are created for baby’s brain development. Bonding with your baby while pregnant is key to creating initial healthy connections. Northern Star Counseling is here to support you through the transition into your new family dynamic. Siblings of a new baby often have a difficult time changing their birth order position and experience jealousy. We can help!

Birth to Three Years                                                           

By the time they are 3 months old, a baby will have gone through the most important part of their brain development. Brain cells are multiplied and, divided; they migrate rapidly to the areas of the brain and body that need them. During this time, parents are often feeling the most stressed. A mom’s body is going through physical and emotional changes that can make nurturing a new born tough and isolating.

Northern Star Counseling, can assist you in early challenges with your child related to sleeping, feeding, colic, temperature regulation and attachment.

At Northern Star, we can help you work through these difficult times so that you can enjoy the excitement of a new baby and help your baby develop with the supports that they need during these early months.

Strength Through Partnership                                                   

At Northern Star Counseling, we believe that it is important to work as a team with our clients, community partners, and referral sources to ensure that we are meeting our clients’ needs. We want to work with you and your partner with those resources that will be most effective in helping you succeed.

Whether it be prenatal yoga, your doctors, child birth classes/instructors, nutritionists, midwives, doulas or other critical supports, we want to help you and your child transition and adjust. We want to be a part of your team as you set yourself and your baby up for success before and after childbirth.

We also offer group sessions where you and your baby are welcome to attend together to create additional community connections to maintain the mental wellness care of you and your child during and after pregnancy.