Northern Star Counseling, LLC


Parenting is hard

When you first brought home that little bundle from the hospital, nobody ever told you it would be this hard.  Each phase of a child's development presents a new and uncharted undertaking. Sometimes kids take more than you ever have to give and yet they still want a little more.  What do you do?

Unfortunately, this question does not come with any easy answers.  The good news is that we are here to help.  We can help you explore options and learn new parenting strategies in a safe place with people who are excited to help.  

Each child is unique and requires a different set of skills to raise successfully. Often times finding the particular formula that works with your child is needed to obtain positive results. Northern Star Counseling is committed to supporting you in expanding your parenting tools in order to build the relationship you want with your child. 

We know that children of all ages respond well to clear expectations, consistency and follow through for consequences, but implementing this can be easier said than done. Call us today to add us as a member to your team!