Northern Star Counseling, LLC

fam.jpgFamily Therapy

Everyone has a role to play

Everyone in a family is important and has a special role to play in the day to day function of the family unit.  Sometimes those roles put family members at odds or create situations that are difficult to manage.  Sometimes those roles need to change or don't quite fit.   This is where family therapy comes in.  By providing a safe place for families to share ideas and examine these roles,  Northern Star Counseling is able to help navigate those tough times and get everyone working together again.    

The impact of mental health on the family

When one family member is facing mental health challenges, it can put a strain on the entire family.  By bringing key family members to the table, we can help identify and alleviate stress that may result from the healing process.  We can also work with the entire family to identify what internal supports the family has available to help resolve issues and support the success of the therapeutic process. 

The many kinds of family

Northern Star Counseling recognizes that people define their family in many different ways and that family structures can change over time.  Whether you are a traditional family, single parent family, blended family, same-sex parent family, adoptive family, foster family, extended family, or any other special kind of family; we want to support you in making your family whole, strong and awesome. We can help you navigate the challenges you face each day and identify strategies to work through them as a family.