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 Northern Star Counseling Is Hiring 

We're looking for a part-time, licensed, professional counselor or licensed, clinical social worker. We have excellent commission and flexible hours. Contact Us today for more information!

200_couple.jpgAdult Services 

Empowering adults to achieve success is one of our key goals. Healthy adults are able to seek out and maintain success much better than adults who are struggling with mental health, relationships, or other issues. Let us help you find the success that you deserve.

200_youth.jpgYouth Services 

Just like adults, children and adolescents can struggle with mental and behavioral disorders that require support and guidance to improve.  Overcoming these issues can help a child or adolescent maximize their success in school and at home.



Whether your child is the bully or the victim, bullying can be a disruptive and frightening problem for a family to deal with.  It is also a problem that doesn't get better without help. We can work with your family and other helpers in your child's life to help stop bullying

Thoughts of Suicide

200_dark.jpgIf you are currently suicidal or have a plan to harm yourself please call 9-1-1, report to the nearest emergency room or call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline telephone number at 1-800-273-8255.

Stress & Anxiety 


Stress and anxiety are natural, protective forces that help us to survive.  In some people, however, this natural protection operates in overdrive causing them to be unable to face day to challenges.  With our help, you can learn to control your stress and take back your life. 


Many families know first hand the pain, hopelessness and immobilizing sadness that depression can cause. Without help, these symptoms will continue to spiral out of control and prevent you from living the life you want.  The good news is that it is very treatable!                           Adults or Youth

Life Changes

In the course of one's life, many changes occur: moving, births, deaths, infertility, miscarriages, marital status, career changes, care for elderly parents and financial altercations. These changes can require new coping skills to effectively manage.   Adults or Youth

Family Issues

Every family has issues, but when those issue cause you to live in fear of what may happen next, to feel unloved, or to feel unsafe; it is time to get help.  Let us help you and your family figure out how to have the happy, safe, and loving future you want for your family.  Adults or Youth


Days, months or even years after it happens, a traumatic event can rob you of your relationships, your happiness, and your ability to fully realize your potential.  Don't let your past steal your future. Let us help you develop strategies to take back your life.            Adults or Youth